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Try Harder. Your Shopify CAN Win with SEO.

one of our shopify customers was focusing on creating product titles, descriptions, images and collection pages for “black panther” because the 2018 movie was approaching and they wanted people to find the store via search.

It never happened. Nor did it happen when shifting to long tail keywords like “black panther toys” or “black panther figures”. They wanted to give up on organic traffic, but then, by using Squirrly SEO for Shopify they found new opportunities for “best pokemon toys” and “rwby merchandise”. Thousands of people search for these, they are ranked high in search results and are getting more and more visitors to these products.

Without the right tools, you can miss many great opportunities to sell great products.

Don’t leave money on the table. Schedule a call with me and I’ll tell you more.

Florin Muresan
Innovator & CEO
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