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Do you know what the hardest part of creating the themes are ?

They are so cool, that I play with them instead of working on more. I did not expect this idea to be so simple and useful. You don’t need to make all sorts of changes to images, colors, etc.. just pick a new theme and it’s done. Complete redesign ! And it looks awesome 😀

Ooo-hoo ! Cif2 Themes are really a great idea 😀 the old templates really can’t compare themselves with these. 

We made some cool Christmas themes as well. It’s times like these when I’m happy we put so much work into it, because we can finally see it is all worth while !

You have to try them ! Come on.. you won’t do anything interesting in the next 5 minutes, so go to , sign up and pick a Theme. You’ll feel awesome 😀 

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