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The Second Session of Cif Talk – Artsy on the edges

Yesterday morning, we had the Second Session of Cif Talk, with Janice McGrory. She is a very cool mom and a great person. She’s actually one of the first persons with whom I could really have great conversations on Twitter.

Speaking to her before, I already knew something about what she might want to do further on, but I wanted to make sure I was right.

Some few months ago, I read a great piece of poetry written by her. What I liked about that piece was that it had strength and it managed to pierce one’s inner self with the neatly placed words. And a few weeks ago she presented  me parts of a first draft for the novel she was working on.

It is a very promising novel and her story telling is truly compelling. So I guessed she would want to use the prizes we have for her to build an online presence for her novel and to get it out there to readers all over the world. Because Cif2 will also be a place for artists, to help promote themselves without having to pay huge amounts of money.

The Cif Talk went on. She told me I wasn’t adding any pressure or anything πŸ˜› hehe… maybe I was, but I just had to, I really want her to write the novel, it is going to be awesome and I have much faith in her and in the fact that she will come up with a thoroughly enjoyable story. 

And then the whole Prize Giving Talk, turned into a little Artsy talk about character development and places to use in a story.

You can read the whole conversation if you want, it’s on my wall @facebook. (

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