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The Google Puzzle – Official Release

Florin Muresan
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“Oh, yes !” dare say the headlines.
The lonely crawler marches on the bits, as the packages are shipped away, not understanding his purpose any longer.
“What’s that boy, shed a tear you say ?” asks the headline editor. “It deserves no such thing.” 
But the poor little crawler goes about his business, as he’s always done before.. when it all made sense.

That is how a Google novel should read like :)) Honestly, they are changing a whole lot and the old ways just don’t stand anymore, as if Google were Rand ‘al Thor from The Wheel of Time, bringing changes all around and reshaping the world. You must admit, though, Google does shape the Internet, so it’s best to be on its good side.

It’s an interesting puzzle figuring out what happens to Page Ranks and how they’re disappearing, keywordless pages going to the front lines of the search results, leaving the others confused and maybe even ready for a full retreat.

Have you witnessed this phenomenon ? 

I’m telling you: Something Puzzly our way comes.

But don’t worry, the next headline won’t be: “Google.. Pandora’s lost son ?”

or will it…, dear Watson ?

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