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The First Session of Cif Talk

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Hello, hello, everyone !

I’ve just finished the first Session of Cif Talk and I’m really excited and happy about how it all went.

This session took place on Facebook and the winner I’ve talked to was Sabina Cornovac ! She’s a great person. She’s a PR executive and also a PR and Advertising student at Universitatea din Bucuresti.

She was very curoius regarding what sort of prizes she’ll get, so I told her right away and when she heard what they were she was even more glad she had won at the Who Is Cif contest.

Sabina had a project in mind, for helping her familly with their small business, but no one could help her out. And that’s where we came in. We are going to help her build an online presence for that small business. I’ve also told her how great she will be able to promote the website because of our Builder’s enhanced SEO possibilities. I told her of how she will be taught to build a great website. And I’ve also told her what awesome products we’ll be able to provide her.

She thanked us very much and we’re very glad we can help her out with our prizes.

You see? I’ve told you that we give awesome prizes, not just random prizes for prizes sake 😛 

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