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The fastest thing on the web !

Bravo ! You guessed it right, it’s .

You know why ?

Because, for example, working on Red Tweets was the fastest, coolest experience ever ! 😀 Really, trust me. I was the Lead Webdesigner of a well known company for a whole year, so I know what I’m saying ! Making websites has never been more fun.

I talked to April ( @socialapril ) and Peter (@peter_at_rbr ) and we managed to finish the final details of the Red Tweets – Twitter Directory, the first twitter directory that chats and plays music. I helped them “move their stuff” from blogspot to and the thing is: I was amazed !

Really, I’ve finished moving the old redtweets to in about 6 hours, with all it had there and I’ve also remade some of the Graphics. Can you imagine that ?

I’m telling you.. if you want speed, is the key… and it also looks really good 😀

Cif2 is all about Innovation and it seems this time it even surprised me !

I’m definitely making it my way of saying iExist ! 

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