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The Blind Man who asked for money and the change of perspective that got him the money

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A blind man was staying on the cold floor of a crowded street. The wind blew hard, careless for the things which lay on the ground. Including our poor blind man. Near him, the man had a hat with just one coin inside. In his hands, he held a sign which read: “I’m blind. Please help me with some money.”


He could not see anyone. He could not see anything. And there was the cold of the street and the emptiness of sight. Cars raced through the streets and cab drivers cursed as loud as they could. And he was just a poor blind man who wanted to hear the cling of coins being tossed into his hat. But the footsteps of passers by kept going, seemingly not noticing the poor blind man.


Until one day, one man came to him and took his sign. The blind man was petrified. What could he do without his sign? But suddenly his sign was brought back to him. The man walked away.


Sounds of coins clinging, rushing past one another were heard near him and no, not near him. He knew they were all being tossed right into his hat. People did not ignore him anymore and gave him the money he was craving for so long. What did that misterious man do?


He took the sign and changed what was written on it. From “Help me with some money. I am blind.” to “What a wonderful day! You can see it, I can not.”


That was the whole magic. The magic of communicating directly to the souls of passers by.

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