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the 6th Session of Cif Talk

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6th Cif Talk

Hello everyone ! Hope you’re having an awesome and powerful start of the week and that you’re still closely following the Cif Talks.

I can tell you one thing that I’ve seen related to these Social Media… people are much more engaged on Facebook then on Twitter and this made it harder for me to get in touch with the other winners of the Who Is Cif contest.

But that doesn’t matter, because it’s still ongoing and I’ve talked to Doina Pirau regarding her future activity. I know she is a fashion designer, she actually has some really nice things made and you can see some of them on

Her website isn’t finished, but you can still view them. The website is made in the oh, so very old Cifnet website builder, an older brother of Cif2 (an out-dated older brother :P.. compared to Cif2 of course).

This time my lucky guess was actually lucky because she would like to have her designer website made on Cif2. And that’s just great ! Because she’ll have much better apps to use in her website, including an awesome photo gallery, for much better display of her great work, she can have a blog ( I can haz blog 😀 ) and a simple to use design interface. And we’ll think of more 😉

By using Cif2 she will also learn how to promote her self made products and get some exposure, so they’ll all know what Doina Pirau is all about.

I’m really looking forward to learning more about our winner’s future projects ! 

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