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It’s always great to remember how I came up with the idea for ‘s best selling service !

I’d just finished reading a lot of the book How to Write Sales Letters that Sell, and I knew that being so busy with making webdesigns and developing our International Project, we needed a new thing. A new product that would bring us a lot of money.

The thing was that we promoted businesses before online, but never dared to ask for such an amount of money. We always thought that because of the Economic crisis in our country, people wouldn’t pay more then that.

So I said: Ok ! let’s make a Premium Pack, that gets your business on the first page of Google Romania in 6 months. I’ve consulted with my colleague, Teodora Vingan, regarding the validity of the marketing message. We don’t sell lies. We sell things that bring results, so I wanted to make sure we could deliver.

This time we asked for much ! I made a sales letter immediately and posted it on our website, on the blog and gave links to it on the social media. The result was that the phone began ringing like crazy the following day, with people wanting to learn more and more about it, wanted to see more offers etc.

In time it turned out to be our best selling product and it helped us get very well through the whole crisis, whereas many other webdesign companies went down. And it also helped us gain more time to develop and plan to extend it in Austria and other countries.

So you see? All it took was a little courage to make the next best thing. 

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