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Started 5 June – The Marketing Education Cloud Podcast. How many listens until 23th June?

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Paul and I have started the Education Cloud Podcast using Anchor FM, and so far it looks like this is an amazing choice as a platform.

With Startup Espresso Podcast we used to spend on BuzzStream and apparently, we didn’t get anything extra than what we get on Anchor for free. It’s a bit too early to say, though, and I’ll keep an eye on things.

However, let’s check how many people listened to our podcast in 19 Days.

Episode 1: SEO For Humans – 94 Listens

Episode 2: Learn how to get 10000 visits from Social Media – 59 + 120 (on Youtube) = 179 Listens

Episode 3: Continuous Blogging – 66 Listens

Episode 4: How to Clean a Website Before Allowing Google to Index It – 91 Listens

Total Episode Listens: 430 times people listened to the podcast on the Podcast Channels plus our Youtube.

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