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Start Exploring the Full Potential of Squirrly’s SERP Checker

I hope you’re excited about everything I’ve shown you this week regarding positions on Google

During the 7-Days Trial period, you’ll get to explore premium features and increased capabilities, such as: 

  • The whole power of Squirrly’s advanced Rank Tracking tool.
  • Full control over your rankings; you choose which keywords you want to check and the country that you’re targeting. 
  • Access to accurate, real-time ranking data. You will no longer rely on the estimated, average ranking data fetched by Google Search Console.
  • More keywords you can research using the Keyword Research Tool.
  • The ability to check ranking on demand.
  • Squirrly Audit for more of your pages, which allows you to have a better overview of your site’s performance.

Start making the most out of this opportunity right now by learning how to set-up and use the advanced SERP Checker that comes with the Business plan.

  • OH… Keyword Research uses “Deep Research Mode” on all Business Plans – which means it digs a lot deeper and can find the best long tail keywords.
  • Don’t believe me? – give it a try with the 7 Days Business Trial
  • Once the trial is out, your account gets magically turned back EXACTLY the way it was. No actions required on your end.

You’ve got nothing to lose, SEO Stars! Only to win. Gain a lot of knowledge and insight regarding your positions and how you can beat competitors (because Business Plan allows you to track rankings from Competitors).

Don’t worry, I’ve included everything (screenshots, steps, details) you need to know to get started in a checklist with step-by-step recommendations. 

There’s a big SlideShare inside with everything you need.

Takes just a few minutes to read. 

Read the SERP Checker Guide

Keep ranking, 
Florin Muresan,
CEO of Squirrly.

Florin Muresan
Innovator & CEO
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