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I’ve wanted for a lot of time to have a blog in which I post about people who express themselves online, how they do it and how they become known in this new open world that is more and more on the world wide web then in the “physical” plain.

I’ve searched to buy a domain for it, and the best bet was obviously something like Expression Blog .com or .net

The surprise came when I found out that was AVAILABLE ! This thing was like god-sent. I hardly believed I had so much luck.

Now I have bought the domain and already started the Expression Blog, because lately I’ve seen that I really have a word to say in this online world and people follow me because they like my tweets, my blog posts, etc.

And seeing that I managed to touch the life of dear Janice McGrory in a positive way, I am very optimistic, very excited about trying to help more and more people, in any possible way, to have faith in themselves and have the courage to say iExist ! 

Life’s great ! 😀 You just have to let yourself see this 😉 

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