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Some wise words from a member of the MOZ Community about getting people to link to your content

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I hope Rand doesn’t mind me chiming in, but I recently spoke on the same topic here in Chicago, and here’s some advice:

  •   Bloggers – Join their community, comment on their blog, and a great way to get their attention is to blog about them!  The  more frequently you comment, discuss, etc…the more likely it is they’ll notice you on their blog.
  • Forum Posters – Post in the forum, PM them, and exchange Signature links.  It’s a more common practice than you would think.
  • Web News Writers – Well, they like the news, give them a juicy tid-bit that’s already on the wire, and it’s likely they’ll talk to you.
  • Content Creators – Give them free content, they like when their jobs are easier…but not just that, give them a source!  They need more than Wikipedia and they love having great quotes from Pros.
  • Resource Editors – There’s nothing like good old fashion e-mails or giving them a call.  Many of these people are in charge of a page that is moderately archaic in nature, but also, they’re the only on that touches it.  Make nice and give them a credible resource and it’s likely they’ll add it.
  • Social Taggers – Tag, you’re it…ever see people who retweet everything?  Tweet something worthwhile, post an answer to a question they’ve asked, and mention them….next thing you know “BAM!” instant social tagging to the Nth degree.
  • Viral Connectors – These people like fun online or something or helpful.  If it’s a bargain, if it’s something insightful or newsworthy that can help the people they know, it’s easy to feed it to them.  You can find these guys everywhere…but really look for people with large friend bases on social sites, who tend to send out blasts.  (Secret find: Check for people on social sites, who have a friend base, but also, add them as a friend…if they send you a blast with more than 30 people copied on it, it’s likely they’re viral connectors.  Facebook groups are a great way of finding these types.  Go for founders)
  • Journalists -Look on Associated Press and other news sources where people are allowed to report freely.  If someone has a large following on their RSS, they’re likely to be a credible Journalist.  Google their name and see what you find.  You can also cut the time in half by simply looking for Journalists via LinkedIn…why?  These people do it for a living if they’re posting it on LinkedIn.

Hope this could help!

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