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Rocking the 30 Day Challenge – Be consistent

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Increase your productivity

I’ve tweeted earlier, that doing a 30 Day Challenge will not mean that you will get an Oscar or a Huge Award for the stuff you’re planning to do for the next 30 days. But it will ensure that you become much more Organized and it will help you achieve Consistency.


And it is true. Ever since I’ve started my 30 Days Challenge, I’ve seen that stuff have started to go really well, even if I didn’t believe it would, at first. But, the next 30 days are going to pass, no matter WHAT you do. So why not try improve something @yourself or just try out something you always wanted?


For me, it’s getting rid of addiction to Coke and Pepsi, watching a TED every day, to improve my creativity and thinking and also delivering a new Cif of the Day everyday. Plus, get some workout. I may have a few days in which I don’t do one of these. But I don’t go to sleep until I do the others.


Try this out. Start with something small. See how it feels. See how your life and your behavior improves.


Have you tried this idea already? How was it?

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