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Red Tweets was Launched ! – The First Twitter Directory that chats and plays music

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It’s cool we have it online, because it rocks 😀

You can submit your Twitter account, so that people may find you and follow you on Twitter + you will be shown in a separate blog post with only your account, to make it easier for newer listed accounts to be seen within the directory.

There are many categories in which you can submit your account.

We also have a Promoted Tweeps section, where we display 6 Promoted accounts. To see how you can get promoted and what cool bonuses you’ll have, check out 

There is also a Chat Room on the first page of the Twitter Directory, where you can talk about a whole lot of things and there is also a Music Blog as well, on the front page.

Then, you have 2 Radio Stations, made through Blip.FM, with two of our DJs. One is for Electro Music and the other one for Rock.

A podcast will follow up very soon.

So, go to Red Tweets right away and join the fun 😀 Submit your account, listen to music, chat and find out the coolest music-related things.

This is the first Subsidiary of more will follow soon, to bring you great new ways of experiencing the Internet. 

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