in Thinking

Products I co-founded and other web projects

Software / Product / SaaS based

ContentLook – Cloud App

Agency – Content Writing and Social Media – Productized Service Offering

Learning Solutions

Squirrly Digital

Squirrly SEO – for WordPress

Squirrly – Web App (Cloud App) – Universal version

Squirrly Social

Squirrly SPY

Starbox – the Author Box for Humans

Website Analysis – basic edition

Website Analysis – Ultimate Edition

Shopify App for Squirrly SEO

Shopify App for ContentLook

Content Marketing Game .com

Halloween Game

Educational Products

Education Cloud 2020

DM SuperStars

HSEO .tv

Udemy Course

Expectation Marketing

Other Products

OneGeek Shop and Brand – Powerful Mission

Servicii App

Service Cheetah

Media Types

Startup Espresso


Marketing Minute

Old times:

Game Deals on Steam

Older Games

Squirrly Force

Gratitude Project

Zyrax Tarenor Art

Zyrax Comics

Industry Giant (music)

Florin Muresan – Novels, Poetry, Plays


Florin Muresan – Pioneering Web 3.0

Florin Muresan’s Business 3.0 Definition

Digital Marketing Assistant Projects.

SERP Checker by Squirrly

Education Cloud – launched 2016. now retired.

Literary Awesome


The Marketing Health

Red Tweets – First Twitter Directory With Chat and Music

Wizards Unite DOT CO


Hunters – 3d shooter

New Abuse – game made as a spin-off of the 80s or 90s Abuse game with a cool futuristic robot.

Haiducii – Educational Software (award winning)

Burebista Documentary

Lore – Movie

Lore – TV Show

Lore – Novel

Chrome App – Age of Startups

The Hero Scribe


Affiliate Program v2.0

Digital Marketing Playbook

Speedy Content

Free Coaching Sessions

All training modules inside Edu Cloud 2020 – many courses with modules and lessons – taught 139,000 people world-wide

Web Dev Kits

WhiteGlove Services

Digital Marketing Case Studies

14 Days Journey to Better Ranking

One Week to Rank on Google

The Rank Show

Expectation Marketing Audit

Educational Materials

SEO for Search Engine Bots

SEO for Humans

Continuous Idea Generation

10,000 Visits From Social Media This Month

Conversion Rate Optimization Course

Four Steps to the Google Launch

14 Days Journey

The Rank Show

Publish Like A Social Media SuperStar

Florin Muresan
Innovator & CEO
Everything In Life Is Touched by Digital Magic. I brought Digital Magic Into The World Through 29 Products I’ve Built and Sold World-Wide

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