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Product Launch Sequences

choose a part according to your current level:

the pre-Pre-Launch – when you don’t have a list of emails. DON’t have a list of emails? -> don’t freaking launch a product

SOLO ADS – solo ads via solo ads thingys, solo ads via actual FB ads, insta ads, etc. 

  • solo ads via influencer marketing. get a 1,000,000 followers influencer to do a solo ads for you to get people INSIDE of your pre-launch
  • ^^^ that moves you further along on your journey and you don’t have to waste time on gathering an initial list, if you do that.
  • solo ads via Joint Venture offers – when someone else already has your audience, but not 100% as influencer marketing sort of deal, maybe even tech partnership or developer|publisher relationships

SO – are there PEOPLE…. HUNDREDS of freaking people who will sign-up to your Pre-Launch campaign?

If NO -> then do read everything from above again. focus on doing it yourself, or hacking together a SOLO ADS type of deal.

Is YES -> then the Force is strong in this one. Proceed

Pre-launch – story before features and everything else.

why build it?

why do you care?

why did you feel you must 100% give your sweat blood and tears to building this?

why should we (your audience) care? what are you fixing for us that has never been fixed before in that (100% validated) new way you are proposing?

get other people (if you have; if it makes sense) to help you convey and amplify your story with their personal needs and their personal struggles, and their personal connection to the story you want to help all this brand new audience to WIN!!!!

some screenshots

some videos

ask the right questions: like… if you could change just one thing?

^^ use that hack to find VOICE of customer

use all hacks in the book at this stage to further build your list

use viral mechanisms

build the biggest list.

with viral -> instead of 7% expert-level conversions, get freaking 15% to 25% COMPOUNDING conversions !!!!!

Give Access – Premium, special, one of a kind.

some access that ordinary mortals and losers won’t get.

create huge FOMO.

prepare to DO DROPS ->> drop prizes during the live event only to those WHO BUY TICKETS and WHO WATCH all event.

2x conditions. nothing else will count.

make ’em buy tickets

use ticketing platforms… otherwise, you will screw this up.

Make clear ways for them to reach the actual LAUNCH event’s freaking page.

Post them on their tickets.

post the url in their calendars

post them on the Eventbrite page. post them HUGE and with <<<<< and ^^^^ and >>>>> and vvvvvv

so that they see LIVE event link

the live event is not a live event … are you kidding me?

tech goes wrong all the time

NO. only the live chat and the live PRIZE drops are live

everything else is pre-recorded. It’s what is it.

Use the insanely great power of PREMIERES on youtube and on Facebook.

drop links during “live” event as many times as humanely possible.

people don’t know how to read chats. don’t know how to find prizes. do the thinking for them. Don’t make them think.

post event follow ups

sell stuff

the 3 weeks AFTER the Live Event should be your best 3 WEEEKS. make awesome content, awesome prizes, awesome discounts.

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