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Philips’ Awesome PR Move – Nigel and Victoria

Why buy ad time on national television, to showcase your new products in the old dull way, when you can throw people 8 great pieces of Youtube vids, for them to digest ?

Seriously, I think this is exactly how the PR guys @Philips thought this through. And I think that it’s seriously a very awesome and creative way to showcase your company’s product.

Instead of just telling people: “Go to the nearest store and buy our products !”, they wonderfully said: “Oh, yes, why don’t you watch that adorable blonde chick who’s testing out some of our products in a very fun-to-watch comedy mini-series ?” 

So instead of a dull commercial message, they actually have you watching a comedy and having quite a good time, while those shiny, tech-y little products make haste into your minds and hearts. 

A smart and creative move ! *applauds

Here’s the first vid from the series: (Am I going to get paid for this ? Probably not 😛 ) 


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