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You’re watching the homepage, of the world-famous, 2010-started blog of Florin Muresan.

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  • Sometimes it contains content from Aladdin Happy, Dan Martel, Sumo Com and other awesome sources (you’ll easily see what’s not written by me)
  • Most of the Content, however, is original
  • Dates back to 2010
  • Some of the older blog posts have MISSING bits of media (images, videos) due to a switch from Cif2.net (world-famous site building platform) to WordPress

Weird stuff about the blog:

I ran so many SEO Experiments on this blog, while using it as a test site, that it probably gets nothing ranked in Google. Like: ever.

Do NOT expect this blog to always contain awesome stuff. Sometimes it just highlights some of my thoughts that I had at the moment of writing.

What’s in it for YOU?

Reading a World-Famous Blog

Some of the BEST Startup Resources in the world: on product, UX, customer satisfaction, Investments.

There are content pieces that you can no longer find anywhere else on the Internet.