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That depends on your goals.

Do you want a difficult maze? Then having paths branch several times before dead ending will make it a lot harder, even having large sections of the maze all be futile. But also making the real oath long and circuitous, doubling back on itself in many places so trying to move towards the goal overall is counterproductive, and having the most complex dead ends branching off in such a direction to make it easier to fall into them.

Adding something interesting about the maze can be a good way to make it better. For instance, the maze itself could form a shape, or the path through could spell out something. Or you could add something it make the solve be more of a puzzle than a blind wander. You could also have some added dimensionality, such as multiple levels, or a stateful maze, so you have to flip switches at certain locations to change which paths are traversable. Or you could add in waypoints you must pass through without doubling back on your path.

Because without such twists, once you get past a certain complexity, solving the maze is just a matter of grinding it out. You can apply various methodologies to it, but it all boils down to exhaustively checking each oath until you find the right one. Twists can take the structure of the maze and add in more problem solving to make it more of a challenge rather than a slog.

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