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On the Future Terrors or when evolution should stop for a while and think

Technology is evolving at an incredible pace. There’s no stopping it, is there? 


TechCrunch published an article in the early 2011 saying that there will be 10 years of incredible startups and innovations in technology. Technological growth and globalization changes everything. It changes the way we think, the way we interact, our vision on the world and the generation gap. But it also changes education. There is need for new systems to replace the old ones, all because of the advancements in technology.


Those of you who’ve been following me for a while now, know how passionate I am about all things Tech and how much I like this evolution of things. Honestly, I can’t wait for the Record Labels to fall in the pit, because they’re being asses instead of progressing. Progress or die.


The question following is: “How further do we want to progress? What paths do we want to take?” I bet you’ve asked yourself this question. So what do you think about Nokia patenting a technology that will make your skin feel who calls you on your phone?


Wait! What? Oh yes, it’s about a tattoo that people can place on their skin and when their phone calls they will feel WHO the caller is. Awesome? I don’t think so. Would YOU like your skin to crawl every time some annoying person calls you?


In my oppinion this is not a direction we should pursue. What do you think about Nokia’s patent?


PS: you can read more about the tatoo here:

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