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There comes a time when you stop. You stop and you think “ok. we got here. Now, what do we do next?” You may have all the strategy in the world and you’d still get to that point. No matter what you’re doing or who you are.


It’s moments like that when you need a friend. Because you two may just be thinking of the same thing. Friends tend to think a-like from time to time, don’t they?


Lately, we’ve gone to 5000 users of And the awesomely Epic journey for our startup did not just end at reaching that milestone. I was wondering how well the server and the current way of building subdomains for our users would work in the future, seeing that we have >700 new accounts every month and the number of new accounts/month is on a high rise.


Luckily, Calin Vingan my friend and CTO was thinking of the same thing. This morning we’ve geek teamed up and set our minds to solving the subdomain issues. And we’ve made a great job in figuring out how to do stuff the right way. All about setting fake subdomains dynamically with vhosts will shortly follow on his own blog, so be sure to follow

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