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@Mentions not working on Twitter, profiles getting disabled on Facebook for no reason

This is horrbile !

No matter how you look at it, it is horrbile. Maybe you remember a while back, when the Who Is Cif round 1 was on-going, I almost lost a few awesome contest entries because Twitter did not display @replies in search results, so I remembered the names of the persons and had to go to their Twitter timeline and dig for half a day to reach the tweets I wanted.

What could I have done ? Could I just have ignored their entries because Twitter did not work ? And there still is a problem with @replies right now. They said they’ll fix it, but so far no results. 

So be very careful with it and maybe even copy those tweets somewhere so you don’t lose them.

Better than doing this, you could use a website to promote a contest and go to , take one of those comment boxes and place them into your website. You’ll have a very cool wall, like mine on  . It’s easy as a game !

There are also some very horrible issues with Facebook. Until now, I knew that you could not delete your Facebook profile. So what did they say ? You can’t delete them, but we randomly can !

My friend, Crisan Marius just had his profile disabled by Facebook. The reason ? Unknown ! Facebook just slapped him and I assure you he did not spam or do anything out of the ordinary with his FB profile.

I’m really curious how this will all go, I told him to contact them for support.

Social Media is a powerfull tool, but you just can not trust all your efforts of getting exposure on it. Websites and blogs are still the kings and that’s a fact ! 

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