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Recently added my Literary Circle startup to the Creations List

We had this story during a Startup Weekend.

Back then I was co-founder and CEO of and was mostly interested in networking with people at the event. However, something amazing happened. We found ways to actually get people involved in this.

We started a cause on about supporting culture and over years it gathered over 4,000 people.

Even though we did manage to create the platform after the event: first custom code, then a BuddyPress spin-off; we decided none of us really had enough time to pursue this.

6 published authors decided to join our circle and many other amateur writers and beginners.

Having 4000 people to read their work would have been amazing.

LiteraryAwesome was the name and back then we owned 

I had notes written about this on my blog in 2012:

Sa Fie Cultura!
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