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Ideea for Mobile websites

It would be a great ideea to give users of the possibility to have a mobile website running in paralel.

Their main website should have a detection code in php, to see if the site is being browsed on a mobile device and take the visitor to the special version of the website, made for mobiles.

I, for one, really love it that tech crunch, kiss fm, mashable and others have their website made for mobile as well. It makes them way easier and fun to read. And it is the best thing possible to implement for those who want to build online newspapers or news blogs 

We might launch this as a new product after the Launch of Cif2. You’ll see that we’ll bring a lot of cool new products every time, to make your online experience as awesome as it can get and live up to the name of The Perfect Website Builder ! 

Florin Muresan
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