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Here’s an idea from Forbes 2016 that I stated back in 2011

4. Traditional website power will decline.

Traditional websites are being robbed of their power in a few different ways. For starters, apps are becoming radically more popular as a means of acquiring information and tapping into online functionality; Google’s getting into the action here with more intensive features for app-based search visibility, accelerating what may be a natural course. Digital assistants are also closing in on traditional sites’ territory, providing immediate answers from their respective databases for common questions, and providing immediate functionality whenever possible. As digital assistants and apps in general become more popular, I expect demand and visibility for traditional websites to significantly decline.”

Yes, I have said this in 2011. That’s why in at that time a thriving new startup, we’ve implemented a digital assistant.

Your website was speaking directly to you and communicating with the other users and websites in the environment.

We called it “smart sites” back then. I guess the term now would be “intelligent sites”

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