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getting access to everything required by Nintendo in 2020.


  • access nintendo 3ds device.
  • go to eshop inside 3ds to make sure everything looks right in the account
  • check receipts to make sure all items are there and accounted for
  • then: once eShop account looks alright >> get Network ID
  • create a nintendo Network ID – warning: this is different from a nintendo account
  • the NNID is for 3ds console family and for Wii family of consoles
  • connect eShop to Nintendo ID
  • perform connection
  • once it’s done, check that none of the apps from eShop have been deleted due to connection with NNID
  • After you are certain Nintendo Network ID is connected to shop and everything works, make sure you have NO restrictions to use NNID on other devices (ipad, laptop, mac, etc.)
  • Then go to the Nintendo site and NOW get a nintendo account.
  • link Nintendo account to NNID (nintendo network id)
  • Finish linking, to make sure the eShop credits get transfered to your new Nintendo account (they passed from eShop -> to NNID -> and now to Nintendo Account)
  • Then go and make a activation for your Nintendo Account
  • Awesome! now you finally have everything ready to use.

I hope you’ll find this list useful. Took me quite a while to figure all those steps.

  • took a lot of time to do this, because I didn’t have such a list
  • luckily the Nintendo websites are pretty well made.

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