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HammerFall playlist at Peninsula 2011


People who’ve been to HammerFall’s concert at Peninsula 2011 had a whole lot of fun and I’m guessing that everyone’s heads were falling heavy, due to all that crazy head banging. It was Awesome, right?

The guys from HammerFall really know how to put up a show. Even though they’re mostly regarded as Power Metal, this crazy style of theirs allows them for some freakin great Heavy Metal stunts, puns and jokes which make magic when you’re at a concert and only plan to have a whole lot of fun!

I’ve been waiting for HammerFall to come to Romania for about 10 years and now it was finally a dream come true. After their entertaining and metal performance I really didn’t care about any other bands which sang there on stage (sorry Within Temptation, you’re just not as awesome.)

Well words are a bit to hard to come by after a night of awesome like that one. Dude, the only things that were in my head was Joacim’s voice saying “Bang you Head!” and the fact that everything was way to awesome to be real.


And the playlist was WOW! Too Awesome, sais I.

I will admit at this point that the only disapointment was that they did not sing either Glory to the Brave nor Dark Wings, Dark Words.

I am going to write the songs here, but not in a chronological order, because I can’t remember that. This list should be accurate because I know most their songs by heart. Yeah, I love ’em.

Patient Zero (started with it, that I remember for it was a great opening)

Legacy Of Kings

B.Y.H. (bang your head)


One More Time

Let the Hammer Fall



Destined for Glory

The Metal Age

Crimson Thunder

Hearts on Fire

Blood Bound

Fury of the Wild

Last Man Standing

Any Means Necessary

If you get the chance to go to a HammerFall concert, do it! You won’t regret. They’re a band who know how to put up a show you won’t forget!

Let the Hammer Fall!


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