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Getting to the next really big Design for Squirrly SEO – both UX and UI

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It’s sure been an impressive year and we got to meet and greet so many cool people from around the world.

Many entrepreneurs and agencies who helped us push harder and identify new opportunities for growth.

They are our clients and they rock.

I’m pretty excited with how many things turned out and I still can’t believe we actually got to make a full UI redesign ..

and that we got tons of feedback on it.

The re-iterated the UI

and after a while and a new launch on AppSumo for Hide My WP Ghost by Squirrly – to find out how we can adapt the Configuration panels that our users loved about HMWP and find ways to adapt them into Squirly SEO.

Found out so many great things while being in full-launch mode on HMWP Ghost and seeing the reactions to the UX changes we made for the onboarding process of HMWP.

It was really amazing to have solid feedback on improvements and what users really loved.

Helped Cristina and I solve the UX for Squirrly SEO as well.

Didn’t think we’d get to really change the UX, but with these new test results, we just gotta do it.

awesome stuff:

  • Configurations Panels with sub-tabs just like in HMWP Ghost, instead of having long, confusing panels
  • Better and much clearer organization for the information inside the Config panels
  • One Page Setup Mode
  • Built-in Logic for All Features Section and usefulness, without providing redundancy with the config zones
  • Keeping all the 2021 pre-AppSumo and post-AppSumo improvements that helps our customers — and adapting them into the new UI
  • Better SEO Live Assistant with all the tools it uses included directly inside and making a step by step experience
  • Telling users to Add as Focus Page after doing a SEO Live Assistant optimization
  • The On-Boarding theory and what users around the world hate about how many startups do onboarding and setup wizards.
  • One-Click is all it takes to start doing the job that you “hired” your new plugin to do.
  • At the end of free-choice on-boarding, you get to feel that you’ve completed the job you most wanted to get DONE after installing the plugin … there is good completion
  • Message to start onboarding, like in HMWP Ghost with safe mode and the other 2 modes.

and some pretty other great stuff as well.

There’s probably going to be a lot to talk about during the Squirrly SEO 2022 keynote I will have… and during all the emails that will present our brand new sq seo.

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