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From WordPress Blog to Social Media Profiles in a Flash – See How

From WordPress to Social Media Profiles:In our survey regarding what you’d change about the way you post to social media, most of you told me you’d like to send your new posts directly to your profiles with just 1 click.

We did better than that: Let’s forget the 1 click. You can do all that with ZERO clicks.

The catch? : You just have to complete one easy setup.

Once this setup is done, everything will be automated:

A new post gets published to your WordPress site -> gets automatically added to your Squirrly Social Content Planner with Approved status -> automatically gets sent to the profiles you want at the hours you’ve picked.

You’ll just have to publish to your blog on a constant basis, and you’ll always have fresh new content on social media, without ANY effort on your end.
Sounds good?
Read the Setup Instructions for this automation.
Ready to get Squirrly Social?Find its amazing features here.

Also, the Pre-Release Prices are still available. We’ll place the FULL prices on the page only after the official Release, which will happen during the Launch Event of Squirrly SEO 2019.

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