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I Love And I also develop, along with Calin Vingan (who is a great Software Enginneer. I like to say that what he does is simply magic ).


And stuff is great at, we’re developing and enchanting our clients with the new features as I will write on the blog later on today, but presenting the whole project in a very easy to understand way is killing me right now. I have the whole concept and the vision in my head and for me it’s all clear, but it seems that the tech terms I use don’t really catch on to the others.


So we’ve stayed today with Calin, Teo and Andi Roth to work on explaining the whole thing in a very easy-to-understand way. After this, I needed quite a long break to recover, my brain was processing too much, it needed to cool down.


I’m going to try 4 versions of the elevator pitch in a few hours. Wish me luck! Maybe I’ll finally get it right

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