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Expanding on Social Networks – X-Factor Strategy Level 4

Alright, so we’ve decided that we want to take our Brand presence even further and out of the box.. which basically means out of twitter and facebook.

I started doing some research into the other Social Media websites out there and have begun studying them, because I believe I can reach new audiences even better and maybe build better connections there, then on the BIG social networks which sometimes are just full of spam.

Since I call myself a New Media Renaissancist, I guess it’s the best thing to do. It is also an experiment for my X-Factor Marketing Theory, which I am currently developing.

I know a lot about Brand Presence on Twitter and Facebook and I have more then one year of professional experience on them, so I guess the next step would be to do some serious research on the others as well. This, added with other parts of my X-Factor strategies might prove to be an utter Success !

Really excited about all of these. And even more excited that I will get to teach you a lot about this through the apps of that are soon to come 😀

Oh, boy.. really will be your own way of saying iExist ! 

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