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Dude, where’s my Home ?

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No, seriously.. where is my home ? If I were a twitter addict, I would say: “Home is where I hang my @ at”.. but since I am a CIf2 Development addict, I’d say “Home is the office”.

Now does that sound sad ? I sure hope it doesn’t, because it’s something great ! For those of you who know me, I know this made you apply Face-Palm tactics, but dude: Cif2 is gonna be so great, I can’t wait to see it up and running !

We, the team behind Cif2, have decided we’ll launch it this week ! Yes, this week, and not a second later.

We’ve been a little workaholic lately, but seriously, if you’d work on you’d totally understand 😀

There are too many awesome things about the whole project and many many more to come, our mind is just running wild.

I’m going to Milan, Italy this week, so I really want to be sure we launch it before my leave! I couldn’t really enjoy my trip otherwise.

More news soon guys !

By the way, if you’re into Tech, why don’t you follow  cif2tech ? One of the many interesting things we have in store for you.

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