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Don’t lose focus on the Culture you believe in

Florin Muresan
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There comes a time when you’re doing business and you’re starting to be successful. That’s the exact same time that you start encountering difficulties. Like real difficulties. Think, a lower number of clients (-50%), being sued and other crazy things that can happen.


It’s the point where Company Culture and the culture that you built or believe in with all your heart comes into play.


You basically have a few options related to how you can reply to the shit that’s being thrown at you by people, surroundings, universe, funny looking up-suited losers, etc.


Here’s where you have to choose and make the decision according to the culture you believe in. That’s the only decision that will make you happy.


You’ll run out of business soon if you’re not happy or you lose hope. Choose wisely. Care about the Culture.

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