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#devsummer Weekend Break Sibiu

Working on a startup is a very consuming process. Yes, it is satisfying and awesome. But it is consuming. You’re required every now and then to only live and breathe your own startup. The key to doing this is much consistency, passion and being in love with your startup. Then it’s about organizing, prioritizing and others. But the number 1 thing that will get you a great #win is the ocasional BREAK.


Yes, you need to take a break every now and then, otherwise your productivity will go down-hill, along with your imagination and the ability to stick to the greater vision of your project. All of this because of much accumulated tiredness.


Take a break! A city break, sais I.

I’ve been focused on #devsummer so much lately that I’ve mostly only worked on and nothing else. Of course, I blogged for customers, did Social Media Management and made some new designs. But I didn’t go out as much. I had my fun, went for a jog every now and then with a great friend of mine. Hit the town a bit. But all-in-all I didn’t do much else then work at

So I find myself today, tired and low on creativity and I can’t wait for tomorrow to take my city break to Sibiu and Platinis.

Sibiu 2011.

I wanted to visit this city for a while now. I made a promise to a friend that if he gets a job in Sibiu I’ll go visit. Turns out some other friends are also joining in. Woo-hoo! I never had time to visit the city, I was just in town for concerts (yes, Jethro Tull and Scorpions). See you tomorrow, Sibiu.

Paltinis, 2011.

Near @Sibiu, is this beautiful place called Paltinis. Everybody sais it’s awesome there and that I have to go visit, so that’s what I’ll do. Especially because the peeps from a hotel, Perla Paltinisului, there promised me some “papanasi” because I’m awesome on Facebook. Hehe. Can’t wait to eat those. I mean, look:

I will also be tweeting photos from the place and writting some blog posts right here, on my blog. I made this PAGE specially for the event.

Write to you tomorrow. City break, here I come. ๐Ÿ˜€

Where’s your favorite place to take a city break? 

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