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Create a Preview Webinar with People Before a Major Course Launch

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Send Out A Solo Marketing E-mail To Promote The Upcoming Preview Call



As we get closer to the launch date of our new e-book, “TITLE OF E-BOOK GOES HERE” that will be released on LAUNCH DATE GOES HERE, we thought it might be nice to do a teleseminar to give you a preview of the type of information the e-book will contain.

On DATE OF PREVIEW CALL at TIME OF PREVIEW CALL, we’ll be meeting on an open bridge line so that I can introduce you to ONE TOPIC OF YOUR E-BOOK and so that I may answer any questions you have about the soon-to-be-released e-book.

Register for the no cost preview call here:

If you have any questions, please let us know!



Host A Free Preview Call, If Desired, To Generate Buzz Around Your Upcoming Product Release

A free preview call will be a teleseminar in which you share with an audience information that is related to your information product. For example, let’s say that your e-book is called, “60 Ways to Increase Your Networking Abilities.” Well, you could host a free preview call that is called, “The 5 Mistakes You’re Making at Networking Events and How to Fix Them.”

During the preview call, you would give people the information stated above and then you would upsell them to purchase your e-book. Because the information in the call is a part of the e-book, it’s natural that the people who show up to the call will also be highly interested in the e-book’s content as a whole. Having a really strong call to action at the end of the call is going to make the preview call a good upsell option for you.

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