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Crazy Egg – growth with dev kits

Here are the first growth steps that allowed Crazy Egg to gain their first 100,000 users:

1. They created a simple opt-in page with a screenshot of a beta of their product.

2. Their ideal customers were web-designers, so they invested $10K into ads on various CSS galleries.
Result: 20,000 emails gained from their simple opt-in page.

3. Once they launched the product, they notified the email subscribers.

4. They submitted their CSS design to CSS galeries.
Result: 23,294 new visitors for free.

5. They offered all the big and small tech blogs a free $99 Crazy Egg account and helped them to set it up.
Result: TechCrunch, Mashable and a ton of other more or less popular tech news blogs covered Crazy Egg.

6. By attending hosting conferences, they offered parnership to hosting companies: a free Crazy Egg account for every new user + 30% commission when they upgrade to the paid plan.

7. By networking at SEO events, they offered a free $99 Crazy Egg account to SEO agencies (if they like it, they will recommend it to their customers for free).
Result: over 4,000 signups.

8. They were speaking at conferences. But instead of getting a speaking fee + traveling expenses, they kindly asked them to make Crazy Egg a sponsor of their event. It costs nothing to organizers. They agreed.

9. They noticed that people love sharing their heatmaps so they made the process as easy as possible.
Result: referral traffic has increased.

10. They analyzed the most popular search keywords on Google around their topic and created SEO pages for those keywords.

Cummulative result: 100,000 users.

Florin Muresan
Innovator & CEO
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