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Craving for that Level 5 ! – I know this sounds geeky

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Yes, I know this sounds geeky, but you don’t understand ! I have to make it to level 5 on . I’ve got 2337 experience and I have to reach 2400 for the new level.

I can haz Level 5 ? 😀 Pretty please ? 😛 I only have to add a few more links to my website and I’m there.. can’t wait.

You know, it’s great that I have to perform thses tasks. They give me rewards and also experience points and coins. No I don’t have any coins left in my account, but I will not buy any.. I’m waiting to get them for free because I do my homework.

So I’m thinking like this.. I only need a few more links to my website. I’ll get those and I’ll get to Level 5 and after that I’ll be able to get a new App, to increase my Upload Size on

Then I’ll get to work and do the other tasks and get even cooler stuff for my blog 😀

Oh, and did I mention how much doing all of these have helped my blog until now ? I’m doing good SEO by performing the tasks and I guess Google’ll give me a better page rank after those 100 links.

So it’s an all-win situation and oh, I love ’em 😀 

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