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Clean and simple designs are the hardest to design !

It’s awesome sometimes to make a very clean design, because you want something simple to display the product and focus on the product.

How do you do this ?

Well.. the answer is simple and totally unsatisfying: Through a whole lot of work !

Yes, because if you opt for a design like this and want it to actually be a great design, and not something to be laughed at, you have to work on all those little details that may mostly elude you, if you’re used to working with more complex designs, and big roundy things.

You have to do something like Apple.. they put a lot of work in their designs and that’s why they are great !

So, forget about those bulky designs !

You have to put up some real work now and don’t go like “you know.. I don’t think anyone will notice that, I don’t think that is too important..” because you’d be doing it wrong !

Why ?

Because, if you don’t take every single small detail into account, your clean design will Fail. Yes, people may not figure out what is wrong with it, or why it doesn’t appeal to them very much, but at a subconscious level they see the mistakes and get the feeling that it isn’t right, something’s missing, something doesn’t really work there, etc.

So, if you’re ever facing a simple, clean design, make sure you add more time on your schedule to finish it. 

Oh, yes.. and this is from experience… you’ll see on the new version of and remember: It’s your own way of saying iExist ! 

Florin Muresan
Innovator & CEO
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