in Thinking was very hard to design

And it still is. I’m working on’s front page today… I think it reached the 11th version already and I usually finish a website’s design in 3 versions.

This is crazy, but I really want to find that stable version that we will love 😀 Now I understand Deviant Art.. they also change their interfaces a lot. I hope that won’t be the case for, because I don’t like the idea.

Of course, we will change the theme of the website, but the layout will have to remain intact. We will have many events and celebrations so we’ll need to have a great layout on which we can easily add and remove themes.

It’s going to always look fresh, which is a good thing. Now the problem is to figure out how to make it work with all sorts of different themes, because colors are very pretentious.

Wish me luck 😀 

Florin Muresan
Innovator & CEO
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