Neil Patel said this cool thing about Squirrly WordPress SEO and I was all like

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Spot On!

I’m happy to see that we managed to on-board Neil Patel the right way. I mean he first learnt of Squirrly somewhere around December 2014 and wrote about it.

Then, he saw some cooler features in it around May 2015.

But right now he’s using it every single time, which is amazing. I’ve seen Neil at the Growth Hackers conference in London, Oct 2014. He is a great guy. No wonder so many media outlets place him in the TOP 10 Digital Marketing Influencers group.

Our Squirrly SEO WordPress product seems to be spot on, if he actually uses it so often himself.

Here’s what he said in “10 Time-Saving Blogging Tools You Need To Use”

wordpress seo neil patel