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Branding – Taking the brand from your mind to the other minds around you

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Ohoo… what’s this all about ?

It’s about managing to explain all of your creative ideas to the others. Do you think it’s easy ?

Well, I find it to be one of the hardest things to do. The whole idea you’re having for your product might be so great for you and for the people in your head, but for the people in the real world you have to do some serious work to make them understand what’s going on in your head.

Stop thinking from your perspective !

Creating a brand in your mind won’t help at all ! You have to unleash it, you have to bring it into the real world. Put all those ideas on paper and see for yourself that suddenly, they don’t seem like too much if you were to just read them, without knowing all those premises from your mind.

Well, well …

The best thing to do is to start writting down your ideas, as concentrated as they are. Then, simply start “breaking” them into smaller pieces. Divide et Impera. You will do this in a Top-Bottom way and it will help you sort out most of the ideas you have and reach out to the details. As you may know, details are very important.

You may not like what you get. If that happens, do some other things that day, then go somewhere inspiring (like Italy :P), listen to Opera, or read a creative book. Then the next day get to work, all coffee in your hand and start writting again. You can organize the writing as you want on a blank, white piece of paper and even draw on it, *stick-figure*-style .

It might really help organizing your ideas and bringing them to a better form, which the others will understand and love. 

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