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Chief Content 101: Your Content Is Irrelevant – The 3-Step Process to Integrate Marketing That Brings in Hungry Leads

Chief Content: An Innovative Method To Own Your Content and Make it Work for You.

Chief Content: How Relentless Work on Marketing Aspects Will Win You the Customers You Deserve


Your Logo Is Irrelevant. No really, it is. Let me explain.

It turns out that drooling dogs and ringing bells are far more important than a logo (thank you Pavlov).

Sure, successful businesses have logos–easily recognizable logos. Playboy, McDonald’s, Coke. But there’s far more to their success than bunny ears, golden arches or a certain shade of red. Stripped of all the marketing lingo, branding is pretty simple: Your brand is all the associations that come to mind when your potential customers see or hear your name.

Whether your focus is on personal branding or on branding your company culture–you’ve got to have more than a fancy logo and edgy color scheme to create brand stickability (you know, a brand your customers can’t get out of their heads).

Well, there’s a process to capturing attention and getting your foot in the door of your customers’ minds. Here’s a taste of some of the personal branding advice you’ll find in this book:

You must become the first solution your customer thinks of when they have a problem you can solve. How?

The first step is to figure out what your audience cares about. What keeps them up at night? What problems can you help them solve? From there, you need to apply these three steps:

1) Frequency
2) Repetition
3) Anchoring

In this e-book, we’ll show you how to figure out what your customers really want. Then we will show you how to apply these three steps to help you become the trusted resource that comes to mind first when your customer’s itch needs to be scratched.

Is real and authentic branding going to happen overnight? Probably not. But ask yourself this: Do you want short-term results that lose effectiveness? Or are you willing to invest a bit more time and effort to create long-term results that get better and better?

If you’re looking for a branding book that promises a quick fix, this isn’t the book for you. But if you want to create a brand that sticks like superglue–read this book!

Go ahead and let the wimps and whiners have the get-rich quick schemes that fizzle and fall flat like a wet firework. You want to ignite a branding bonfire.

Florin Muresan
Innovator & CEO
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