The End of Slumber

When the bards sang their song,
We knew the timing was wrong
The days had passed out to the past
The decay was coming fast.

Hearing riders, four in their number,
The world was beyond its slumber
As things trembled in the world,
The question remained: what did we do of what we were told?

Did I mention me and Lucian started writing Lore again? :D

Yup, so we decided to continue writing Lore.

After finding it seemed like a great thing to do.

We’ve recovered our past texts, because Lore was initially a horror movie; we then turned it into a TV show; now it’s a full on novel.

Chapter 1 and 2 are almost ready, so that’s pretty exciting as well and we have a couple of sketches from other chapters.

Because Wix Acquired Deviant Art, I somehow ended up building a homepage I’d designed 7 years ago

This article helped give birth to the current homepage I have on

It made me remember all those amazing years of being a part of the Deviant Art community. I’ve created my first account 11 years ago.


People didn’t even use hashtags back then. #justsayin

Since then I’ve done a shitload of amazing things. Became an actual, paid and professional designer, managed an IT company, started my first startup, failed my first startup, founded and funded (with Angel Investment money) my second startup which is still growing strong (we’re in our 5th year), fell in love, like super in love, married that remarkable woman, became the parent of the most awesome boy in the Universe, became wiser, smarter, mentored lots of young entrepreneurs (and even some older than me). I won awards in the tech field. I won a national literature award.

So many things changed since then.

Today I’ve also realized that I’m still watching the same anime I started watching when I was a pre-teen. And then when I was a teen. And now when I’m a father. Because the series just keeps evolving, and believe it or not it’s getting new episodes. Yes, I’m looking at you Dragon Ball.

Anyway, so I was discussing with my best friend about this weird news. We are both deviants for 11 years now (who knew time flew so fast?). While discussing the news, I’ve checked my old webdesign sketches. And I found my favorite design of all times.

It was supposed to be my homepage back in 2010. Well, 7 years later it REALLY is my homepage.

Cheers! (and cheers to me for finally making it happen)

Here’s an idea from Forbes 2016 that I stated back in 2011

4. Traditional website power will decline.

Traditional websites are being robbed of their power in a few different ways. For starters, apps are becoming radically more popular as a means of acquiring information and tapping into online functionality; Google’s getting into the action here with more intensive features for app-based search visibility, accelerating what may be a natural course. Digital assistants are also closing in on traditional sites’ territory, providing immediate answers from their respective databases for common questions, and providing immediate functionality whenever possible. As digital assistants and apps in general become more popular, I expect demand and visibility for traditional websites to significantly decline.”

Yes, I have said this in 2011. That’s why in at that time a thriving new startup, we’ve implemented a digital assistant.

Your website was speaking directly to you and communicating with the other users and websites in the environment.

We called it “smart sites” back then. I guess the term now would be “intelligent sites”

Great day today! – Having happy customers is better than anything else

just finished a Skype call with a really cool content creator. I am super excited to learn all about how he manages content and how much he loves Squirrly and ContentLook.

For him it seems that Squirrly is perfect pre-publishing and ContentLook post-publishing. Did never think the products worked so well together.

And the best part is: he got to Squirrly because a friend of his said that’s what he should use if he wants to be visible on Google. Now he is a fan. I’ve learned a lot from him during the skype call.

#custdevrocks !!! (yes, Customer Development rocks)

Hacking together the app

Had an idea during the weekend.

Actually this idea started during Startup Weekend Mures some years ago when me and one of Philipp’s friends discussed the idea of revolutionizing business cards. Disrupting Business Cards… by removing them altogether.

Me and a friend of mine (Voicu by his name hvm) thought about the app a couple of months after Startup Weekend. Came up with a complicated (but secure and awesome) model.

Because of the complexity, we decided not to do it. (didn’t have iOS skills. Tried getting someone, but that didn’t work out).

So this weekend, 29 and 30 Oct 2016, I drew a sketch and started doing it.

// story will get updated soon.