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Best Ecommerce Popup ideas – Giveaway and Timer in PopUp

[Bonus 2] 41,008 email subscribers

Good things come in twos…

Two tacos are better than one. (Who only gets one taco, anyway?!)

Two high-fives are cooler than one.

And two bonus gifts are waaay more fun than one bonus gift.

Because we’re a fan of twos, we convinced Santa to drop off an extra after-hours gift.

Today, we’re back with your second bonus gift…

How Hemper used a Sumo exit intent popup to generate 41,008 leads.

With so many cool websites on the web, many of us have “TMTS” aka “Too Many Tabs Syndrome.”

It’s easy to jump from page… to page… to page.

But what if you could turn those people who are about to leave into email subscribers? Customers? Lifelong fans?

In this email I’m going to show you how Hemper took advantage of “TMTS” and got insane results:

  • Collected 41,008 subscribers
  • Generated a 22% popup conversion rate (11x higher than average)
  • Convinced readers who were just about to leave to give their email address

Hemper has grown their email list from 0 to 41,008 email subscribers (so far) in ten months by using one simple “exit intent” popup.

When a user mouses out of the Hemper website, the exit intent popup triggers.

To create an exit intent popup like this for your eCommerce business — and get a 22% conversion rate — there are 4 key conversion elements you need:

  1. Giveaway offer. Giveaways perform out-of-this-world taco lovin’ crazy. Don’t feel like giving anything away? No problem. You can convince people to subscribe with free goodies like ebooks, software, or anything else. Think outside the box!
  2. Countdown timer. Update the timer monthly to show scarcity for giveaways.
  3. Description. If you’re doing a giveaway, tell people when the winner is announced. If you’re not doing a giveaway, write mouth-watering explanation text on why the goodie you’re offering is valuable.
  4. Picture. Show people what they can win or what they’re getting.

To make setting up a winning exit intent popup a breeze, here’s how you can use Sumo to set up the same exact popup as Hemper:

1. Log into Sumo and create a new List Builder form.

2. Set your Goal to “Collect Emails”.

3. Set your Form Type to “Popup”.

4. Set your Design to Sumo’s “Impress” template (Hemper used this template so they didn’t need to pay a designer to do design work).

5. If you’re doing a monthly giveaway, add a “Countdown” to your design, then set your End Date to be at the end of the current month.

6. Set your Visibility to “Manual Mode” and only show to people who haven’t seen a popup in 1 month (Hemper does this so repeat visitors don’t get annoyed).

7. Connect your email service provider so you can email your leads with content, offers, and more giveaways. Or, use Sumo Message Center to send emails to your subscribers without spending money on a separate email service provider.

With this one simple exit intent popup, Hemper gets thousands of new emails leads EVERY month.

The best part…

All Hemper has to do is change the countdown timer at the start of each month.

This 5 second task resets the giveaway and continues generating thousands of email leads.

To get access to the same exit intent technology and template Hemper used to build this popup, click here to create the popup in Sumo.

Chris “Closing Extra Tabs” Von Wilpert

Chief Content Sumo

Florin Muresan
Innovator & CEO
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