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Be super visible on Social Media without spending any time – Official Schedule for the Event

Be super visible on Social Media, without the pain and without all that time spend.Here’s what you’ll get to see next Wednesday (get your Free ticket now):

How to Schedule Messages to your Social Media Profiles in a Flash.

Yes, you’ll see my screen and I’ll walk you through everything you need to setup to gain a new super power: NO, it’s not the power of teleportation, but it is the power of doing everything on social media in a Flash.

You’ll be so active on social media (without doing any actual work) that everyone else in your industry will envy you.

It’s time to be bold and squirrly. Get your ticket right away, and turn on Super Visible Mode.

Your clients will be happy to see such an active company.
 Here’s the Official Schedule for the event:
– 4 PM, London Time, United Kingdom (check to see what time that will be in your timezone): Launch Event Starts
– Keynote by Florin Muresan: CEO, Squirrly
– How to Automate Your WordPress: Every time you have a new post – send it to your social profiles.
– How to Connect Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN
– Using the Social Media Assistant from Squirrly
– Feedly, Pocket and any RSS -> get new posts from these sources and place them as Drafts inside Squirrly Social
– Draft, Schedule, Published – working with Approval workflows inside Squirrly Social
– Adding New Brands and New Team Members for Each Brand
– Checking Engagement Metrics
– Using the Media Folder inside Squirrly Social
– Automate Messages, so that you’ll always have fresh content on your profiles, without having to lift a finger.
– 5 PM: Event Ends.

You’re one of few people who have received access to the free ticket.

Grab yours now! Reserve your virtual seat at the event.
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Florin Muresan
Innovator & CEO
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