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Be a Rockstar

Be a rockstar. In your own way.


In the world of today, everybody is making a lot of noise. There’s a lot of noise everywhere, in every possible domain. And if there isn’t much noise yet in one domain, you should expect noise to grow fast in just a few months.


So much noise makes things become boring. Really boring. And all the same. You have to stand out. Don’t be boring. I may not really care about this, but you should. Being boring will affect YOUR life, the way you see the world, how much of the world you see. It will affect your career, your willingness to smile and be happy. Being boring is horrible and it’s the one thing keeping you from greatness.


Go ahead an be a Rockstar! Who.. you? Yes, you! When you’re a rockstar in your own domain and in your own way you will finally feel that your life is going places. It won’t be simple. But it will be worth it.


The easiest way to become a rockstar is to find the things you Love and get noticed for doing them. Pursue the things you love and always say “I Exist!” while doing them. Let people know about you. About what your are doing. You won’t go from today boring, tomorrow rockstar. But over some time you will. And you will start seeing that people want to listen to you. They will love to be influenced by you. You will gain relevance and break through all the noise.


Think of this: Mark Zuckerberg. Who is he? Many people still don’t know, unless you tell them “He’s the guy who made Facebook”. reply is: “Oh, that guy. Yeah I know him now”.


Getting noticed for being awesome at doing the things you love is the best way to become a rockstar. So go ahead, say “I Exist!”. Be a rockstar.

Florin Muresan
Innovator & CEO
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