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Good morning, everybody ! Long time no post, ey ?

Well I just got back from Milan this week and was bombarded with a whole lot of stuff to take care of, but here I am.

I can tell you that I really had a great time in Milan, especially after I’ve managed to disconnect from all the ideas related to

The Duomo in Milan isn’t as special as the one in Firenze (Florence), in my oppinion, but you definitely have to see the Sforzesco Castle and the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology. If you see these two you’ll have a lot of great images and info to keep you going for a month :)) They’re awesome ! Oh, and you should also check out the Design Museum, it’s really fun to see and even very inspiring.

Milan doesn’t have as much personality as Rome, Pisa or Florence, but it’s a MUST SEE nevertheless. You’ll love it there if you give it some time.

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