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I have some ideas on the Money-Validation stage of validating your idea.

It’s part of your journey as an entrepreneur to actually reaching the craved product-market-fit stage.

If you can’t sell, then it means you aren’t offering enough value.

On you can see more about me as Entrepreneur and it’s been my dream since I was a kid who was eagerly developing games and music albums on the 7th Grade of school, to one day sell my creations online.

Well… most startup founders or entrepreneurs will have 2 or 3 products they sold online.

What about me?

The Number is now: 24

The number is fair, it doesn’t represent the multitude of pricing options that each individual product or service has had.

Some of them are named here.


GameDealsOnSteam – like an AppSumo, but for best deals on PC Games on the Steam Platform

Cif’n’Smart conference tickets for my very first online conference in the sphere of Tech.

SEO GOLD Package

I will make you Look Awesome on LinkedIN – I had a special product sold through Fiverr where I boosted anyone’s personal brand on LinkedIN.

Total Number is: 29 Online Products and Services made by Me A-N-D Sold Online (this does not include FREE products I created).

By Me?

These are all stuff that I either created or co-created or published.

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