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A Celebration of PRO – Summer Pro Mo And the First 5,000 Subscriptions Sold World-Wide

A Celebration of PRO: Opening Remarks – introducing the new event Summer Pro Mo.
For more than 6 years, our PRO squirrel has traversed the globe.

Today, no matter where you are in the world chances are you can get a PRO version of Squirrly and start reaching for the first page of search results on any search engine.

If you’re a part of the Superstars who already got their hands on the PRO, then know that right now you are one of the 5,000 business owners, marketers, SEOs, developers and affiliate marketers from more than 90 Countries who went PRO.

To celebrate our 5,000 customers achievement, we’re opening the Summer ProMo event. We’ll be introducing many new rewards for those of you who made this possible.

Chances are you’ve already received 300 extra keyword researches via SMS, if you completed the correct phone number on your order of PRO.

If you want to write history together with us, our partner programs await you with open hearts and open minds.Clarifications:

– we are celebrating 5,000 subscriptions sold for Squirrly SEO: including PRO, Business and Agency plans. Back in 2013 when we first launched, many nay-sayers told us nobody would buy subscriptions, because everyone wanted one-time deals. Written in June 2013, this blog post withstood the test of time, and proved that our model was the best model! It explains why buying a subscription for Squirrly PRO makes a lot more sense for YOU, as a user, than buying a one off.

– Summer ProMo – it’s a special summer for which our brand new partners get 70% commission to spread the word about Squirrly PRO. Pro Monthly.

– It’s also a period of many promos and gifts to you,our beloved community: SMSes probably already started buzzing on your phones giving you access to extra 300 keyword researches. But that’s just us getting started. Many more prizes could be yours during August and September 2019.Our Brand New Wbsite Is Also Part of Our Celebration of PROKeep Ranking,
Florin Muresan
CEO of Squirrly
Florin Muresan
Innovator & CEO
Everything In Life Is Touched by Digital Magic. I brought Digital Magic Into The World Through 29 Products I’ve Built and Sold World-Wide

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